Frequently Asked Questions

  • Applicants must be a member of Co-opbank Pertama.
  • The applicant must be an employee to any government sector or private sector (qualified) that is stable with a fixed monthly income.
  • Self-employed applicants including those who operate and own their own shops, companies and enterprises are not allowed to access Co-opbank Pertama’s personal financing scheme.

Financing Scheme

Co-opbank Pertama offers various financing schemes to its members to meet various needs with competitive profit rates and immediate approval

Cooperative Financing

Co-opbank Pertama offers various financing schemes to cooperatives to meet various needs with competitive profit rates and immediate approval [To the Cooperative Financing Room]

Applications for financing at Co-opbank Pertama must be submitted through the branches along with complete supporting documents by contacting or directly heading to each of the Co-opbank Pertama branch counters.

The documents that need to be submitted are as follows:

  • Copy of the identity card of the applicant/guarantor (certified by the employer).
  • Copy of latest 3 months’ salary slip (certified by employer).
  • Letter of confirmation of position by the employer (applicant and guarantor).
  • Other supporting documents (relevant).

An applicant who is blacklisted in RAM Credit Info or CTOS can still be eligible to apply for financing, provided that the applicant is not bankrupt. Flexibility will be given and the applicant will need to submit a statement of explanation/settlement from the institution/organization concerned for the purpose of settlement through an approved funding application. It is recommended for the applicant to also attach any letter of release from the institution/organization concerned for legal 'action/suit' cases that have been imposed on the applicant to facilitate the application process and avoid inconveniences.

  • BBA means sales at a deferred price, in installments.
  • The customer who transacts with Co-opbank Pertama will be bound by an agreement or sale and purchase 'aqad', where the bank will buy a property and then the bank will sell the property back to the customer at a price agreed by both parties. The customer will pay the price of the property in installments for as long as being stipulated in the agreed terms.

Bai Al-Inah refers to the concept where the Bank sells property belonging to a customer at a deferred price. Then the Bank will repurchase the property from the customer at the agreed cash price.

  1. Mortgage Takaful Plan (MRTA)
    • This plan is intended to provide protection on financing in the event of death or permanent disability as for the financing applicant.
  2. Houseowner/Fire Takaful Plan (Houseowner/Fire Takaful.)
    • This plan is intended to provide protection for the house or property that is mortgaged such as fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, etc.

Applicants need to contact any Co-opbank Pertama’s branch in order to submit the financing application form and supporting documents.

Applications that need to obtain a balance settlement statement/early settlement must fill in the form and a fee of RM 50.00 as a service charge will be charged and will be processed within seven (7) working days.

Based on the Client's Charter that has been set, the period of the financing application process until the disbursement of financing is for 3 working days (except for Cooperative, Housing and Secured financing)