Takaful and Wills

Inheritance settlement document in the form of instructions to the executor/ administrator to fulfill all the wishes of the testator and also implement all planning and distribution of property according to the wishes of the testator after death.

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Co-opbank Pertama provides takaful products and special will writing services for members in collaboration with Sun Life Malaysia Takaful Berhad and MyAngkasa Amanah Berhad.


Takaful Sinar Hajj

Maximum Sum Covered



Protection During Hajj/ Umrah

Badal Haji


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Guaranteeing Heirs

Efficient & Systematic



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* Any changes or amendments are subject to the terms and conditions of Co-opbank Pertama from time to time.

The services offered are as an added value to the facilities and financial services offered to members and customers

  • Free will amendment
  • Customer rate is RM500.00
  • Affordable price
  • Guaranteeing the future of loved ones in their time of need
  • Ensure that your property is distributed to the rightful beneficiaries
  • Naming a reliable responsible party to look after the welfare of your beneficiaries
  • Couples who have only daughters
  • Polygamy
  • Remarried after the partner’s death
  • Couples who wishes equal distribution of wealth
  • Couples who have special needs children (OKU)
  • Couples who have minors (under 18 years old)
  • Unmarried (Single)
  • With an adopted child
  • Couples who have no children
  • Appointment of Executors & Guardians of Property (Avoiding untrustworthy executors)
  • Beneficiary Information (Avoid denial of rights)
  • Property Details (All fully listed properties)
  • Debt List (Avoiding “hanging deeds” caused by debt)
  • Wasiyyah - Amal Jariah (1/3) (Eternal reward)
  • Method/Proposed Division (Subject to the consent of the heirs)
  • Word Order (Non-financial advice & final word)
  • Something that can be inherited
  • Something of value
  • Something that can be transferred after death
  • Something that exists and belongs to the testator